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Audition Information
Registration opens August 15, 2017.

Audition Procedures

  • Register for your Audition. When you register online, you will have the option of paying online or mailing in your payment. Fees per student are $20 for the first audition, and $10 for each additional audition.
  • Sponsor Information. Before registering you must know the NAfME (MENC) number, phone, and email of your sponsoring teacher.
  • Check the specific instructions for your district. Follow these instructions carefully, including completing any additional forms requested. If you do not know which District you are in, check the Districts tab in the left-hand menu.
  • Download the audition excerpts for your orchestra and instrument. This is your opportunity to practice and prepare for your audition.
  • Arrive at the audition site early so you will have time to warm up and will not delay the audition process.
  • You will be assigned a number. You will not be identified by name on your audition, just a number to insure fairness in adjudication.
  • Your audition will be audio recorded. The recorder will run from the time you begin until you finish, including any false starts and the time you look at the sight reading before playing.
  • You will play the excerpts first. Make sure to bring your copy of the prepared excerpts so you will have your fingerings and other markings.
  • You will be given a sight reading piece to play. You will be given up to 30 seconds to look at the sight reading before starting to play. Play it straight through without re-starting or going back.
  • If you wish to apply for Financial Aid, the application and all attachments must be sent to the address on the form (NOT your District Chair) no later than December 1. Information is listed below.
  • If you wish to audition for more than one orchestra or on more than one instrument, you will have the opportunity to add a second instrument or additional orchestra when you register. Fees are reduced to $10 for each additional audition.

All audition recordings are sent to a central location where all audio recordings for each instrument in each orchestra will be sent for impartial adjudication. No judge will adjudicate a section in which he/she has students auditioning. Judges will rank all auditions for each instrument/orchestra from the statewide pool. Using these rankings, a list of students to be accepted for each orchestra will be assembled, with alternates listed in case someone on the list declines or fails to register on time.

Acceptance lists will be posted on the AOA website on November 16, 2017. If you are accepted, please follow online instructions to register for the festival immediately. Festival registration deadline is December 1, 2017.

If you are accepted: fill out the online registration by December 1, 2017. If you do not respond by December 1, an alternate will be notified to take your place. If you decide to decline for any reason, please notify the AOA president as soon as you decide.

Music and additional information will be mailed to registered students beginning in December. You are expected to learn this music BEFORE you arrive in Tuscaloosa for the Festival. If you have questions at any time, contact your District Chair.

Financial Aid Forms

To apply for the Alabama Orchestra Association's Financial Aid Program, please complete the application, including the attached letter of Agreement, and required financial documents. This information is confidential. Awards are based on need; the amount of financial aid will be determined by a process which considers household income, number of dependents, and the number of applicants.

Please apply as early as possible. All applications for financial aid for the 2018 Alabama All-State Orchestra Festival must be received no later than December 1, 2017.

Download the application

Important Dates

April 6, 2018
Orchestra Music Performance Assessment

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